Western Botanical Medicine is run by licensed consulting phytotherapists (medical herbalists) who know that healing with herbs has to start with pure & efficacious herbal tinctures. Western Botanical Medicine offers the highest quality organic herbal tinctures available to practitioners and the public alike at affordable prices

Western Botanical Medicine sources high quality certified organic herbs from certified organic growers who know their products as well as high quality herb suppliers who have integrity, NOT low prices. Typically, a premium is paid for high quality herbal starting material. Some of the herbs are harvested on Western Botanical Medicine's CCOF certified organic herb farm and made into fresh plant tinctures. Only certified organic, biodynamic or conscientiously wild crafted herbs, certified organic sugar cane alcohol & filtered spring water are used in the manufacturing.

Western Botanical Medicine offers the finest full-spectrum certified organic herbal tinctures and were amongst the first tincture companies in the USA to become certified organic in 2004! A true dedication & commitment to supporting the growing, handling and processing of organic products is apparent at Western Botanical Medicine. Their manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Western Botanical Medicine's licensed consulting phytotherapists are uniquely qualified to formulate high quality herbs into efficacious and safe herbal tinctures and aim to market these fine quality organic herbal tinctures well below the current prices typically charged, so as to not limit the use of mans oldest form of medicine!



Herbs are fully macerated (soaked) in an alcohol and water mixture in stainless steel barrels and glass vessels for a minimum of two weeks after which they are pressed in stainless steel equipment. The resultant liquid herbal extract, known as a herbal tincture, is then filtered and bottled in glass and plastic is never used as a storage medium. Western Botanical Medicine's herbal tinctures are supplied in 4, 8, 16, & 32oz amber glass medical round bottles.



Western Botanical Medicine's licensed consulting phytotherapists both qualified with Honors from the 4 year full time specialized degree program in Herbal Medicine from The College of Phytotherapy in England, UK and the University of Wales in Cardiff, UK.

Graduation from this highly specialized 4 year Honors degree program in Phytotherapy grants invitation only application for membership to both the MCPP and the NIMH (the oldest regulating body of Medical Herbalists in the World, established in 1864).

Herbal Medicine, or Phytotherapy as it is also known, is the oldest recorded system of medicine. It is supported by the World Health Organization who estimate that 80% of the planets four billion population rely solely on animal & plant based medicine. Herbal Medicine involves the use of plant and plant products, whose 'active constituents' — the secondary metabolites — are measurable analytically and with ever increasing research, are shown to be efficacious pharmacologically. This ancient form of medicine is a supportive, restorative and natural means to obtain and maintain health with herbs.

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