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Thyroid and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Part 1 Jul 2008 Listen
Thyroid, Metabolism and Coconut Oil Part 2 Aug 2008 Listen
Cholesterol is an Important Molecule Part 3 Dec 2008 Listen
Thyroid, Polyunsaturated Fats and Oils Part 4 Apr 2009 Listen
Bowel Endotoxin Part 5 Jul 2009 Listen
You Are What You Eat Part 6 Aug 2009 Listen
The Ten Most Toxic Things In Our Food Sep 2009 Listen
Food Additives Oct 2009 Listen
Altitude and CO2 Jul 2010 Listen
Sugar Part 1 Sep 2010 Listen
Sugar Part 2 Oct 2010 Listen
Endotoxin Nov 2010 Listen
Radiation Dec 2010 Listen
Fukushima I Mar 2011 Listen
Fukushima II, Serotonin, Melatonin Apr 2011 Listen
Sugar I, Cholesterol, Obesity, Heart Disease Sep 2011 Listen
Further discourse on Sugars importance Oct 2011 Listen
Metabolic Energy Nov 2011 Listen
Sodium, Salt, Inflammation, Pregnancy Toxeamia, Water Retention Dec 2011 Listen
Cancer Treatment Feb 2012 Listen
Alkalinity vs Acidity Mar 2012 Listen
Genetics vs Environment May 2012 Listen
Cellular Repair Jun 2012 Listen
Blood Pressure Regulation, Heart Failure, Muscle Atrophy Jul 2012 Listen
Temperature Set Point, Temperature Regulation, Menopause, Night Sweats Aug 2012 Listen
Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism Sep 2012 Listen
Anti-oxidants Oct 2012 Listen
Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation Nov 2012 Listen
Dementia, Progesterone, Fasting, Fish Oil, Testosterone, Red Light, Accelerated Learning, Earthing Dec 2012 Listen
Carbon Monoxide Jan 2013 Listen
Weight Gain, Foamy Urine, Fats, Light Therapy, Dreams Feb 2013 Listen
Palpitations, Estrogen, Progesterone Mar 2013 Listen
Heart Failure, Hormones, Thyroid ( Reflex Test ) May 2013 Listen
PUFA, Heart Health, Statins Jun 2013 Listen
BPA, Estrogen, HRT, Testosterone, Cancer, Tumors, Eyes Jul 2013 Listen
Environmental Enrichment, Fats, Starch, Thyroid, Alzheimers Aug 2013 Listen
Learned Helplessness, Nervous System, Stress, Thyroid Sep 2013 Listen
Hashimoto's, Antibodies, Temperature, Pulse Nov 2013 Listen
Aging and Energy Dec 2013 Listen
Various Q&A Jan 2014 Listen
Diabetes, Fats, Sugars, Starch Damage Feb 2014 Listen
Diabetes, Nerve Protection, Fats, Sugars Mar 2014 Listen
Part of the Show Apr 2014 Listen
Cognition and Memory May 2014 Listen
Vaccination, Immune System Jun 2014 Listen
Vaccination, Immune System Jul 2014 Listen
Cancer Aug 2014 Listen
Biological Fields, Antioxidants, Cancer Sep 2014 Listen
Aging and Longevity Oct 2014 Listen
Nitric Oxide, Other Topics Nov 2014 Listen
You Are What You Eat Dec 2014 Listen
Digestion and Emotion Jan 2015 Listen
Urea, Cancer, Nitric Oxide Feb 2015 Listen
Breast Cancer, Estrogen Mar 2015 Listen
Vaccine Topic, Degradation of the Food Supply May 2015 Listen
Urea, PH, Thyroid Jun 2015 Listen
On The Back of a Tiger Film Jul 2015 Listen
Longevity, Brain Food and Energy Aug 2015 Listen
Nitric Oxide Damaging Effect Oct 2015 Listen
Learning education systems / Steiner school philosophy Nov 2015 Listen
Nitric oxide and Inflammation Dec 2015 Listen
Chlorinated water and Global warming hoax Jan 2016 Listen
Iodines danger. Estrogen danger and Thyroids benefits Feb 2016 Listen
Allergy Mar 2016 Listen
Stress Cell Energy Mitochondria GABA Herbs Apr 2016 Listen
Exploring Alternatives Q&A May 2016 Listen
Authoritarianism Digestion Circulation Q&A Jun 2016 Listen
Cancer Metabolism Other Q&A Jul 2016 Listen
Antioxidant Theory And The Continued War On Cancer Q&A Sep 2016 Listen
Rheumatism Rheumatoid Arthritis Q&A Oct 2016 Listen
Vitamin D Nov 2016 Listen
Good Food Choices Q&A Dec 2016 Listen
The Precautionary Principle Q&A Jan 2017 Listen
The Precautionary Principle Continued Q&A Feb 2017 Listen
Endocrinology Part 1 & Parkinson's Mar 2017 Listen
Endocrinology Part 2 & Parkinson's, Q&A Apr 2017 Listen
Endocrinology Part 3, Q&A May 2017 Listen
Language And Criticism, Estrogen Exposed Jun 2017 Listen
Estrogen Exposed Continued, Progesterone, Q&A, Prop 65 Jul 2017 Listen
California Proposition 65, Various Q&A Sep 2017 Listen
2017 Economics, Holism, Organic Produce, Q&A Oct 2017 Listen
2017 Diagnosis, Environmental Enrichment, Language in Culture, Nootropics, Q&A Dec 2017 Listen
2018 Female Hormones, Progesterone, Q&A Jan 2018 Listen
Skin cancer (1st session) Nov 2016 Listen
Economics, Holism, Organic Produce, Q&A Oct 2017 Listen
Diagnosis, Environmental Enrichment, Language in Culture, Nootropics, Q&A Dec 2017 Listen
Female Hormones, Progesterone Jan 2018 Listen
Progesterone Vs Estrogen Mar 2018 Listen
Progesterone Vs Estrogen May 2018 Listen
Critical Thinking and trials Sep 2018 Listen
NoX Propaganda Oct 2018 Listen
Skin cancer (2nd session) Dec 2018 Listen
KMUD Skin Cancer Jan 2019 Listen
Antivirals and Constituents March 2019 Listen
Antiviral herbs April 2019 Listen
Sophie Lamb July 2019 Listen
Untitled Lecture Aug 2019 Listen
Misconceptions and Poor Science (Part 1) Sep 2019 Listen
Misconceptions and Poor Science (Part 2) Oct 2019 Listen
Pulsed Electromagnteic Frequency Jan 2020 Listen
Electromagnetic Frequency and Cancer Feb 2020 Listen
Coronavirus (session 1) March 2020 Listen
Coronavirus (session 2) May 2020 Listen
Coronavirus (session 3) June 2020 Listen
Coronavirus (session 4) July 2020 Listen
Endotoxins, Stress, Depression, Serotonin Listen
Hair-Loss, Osteoporosis Listen
Hormones, HRT, Estrogen and Metabolism Listen
Milk Listen
Moles & Melanoma Clips All Listen